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Hello UWT Ambassadors! Your support and enthusiasm for the work ahead of us is imperative. This one-pager will help guide you on how to support the effort in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Your words of wisdom will drive registration for the May 21, 2024 workshop where participants will help shape the future of innovation and problem-solving.

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Sample Social Language

| Option 1 | Minnesota's future is bright, and you're invited to shape it! Join me at United We Transform for a powerhouse workshop where YOU take the lead. Rub elbows with tech wizards and visionary leaders, and let's turn ideas into action!

No more passive listening—here, everyone's a hands-on participant. Together, we'll tackle challenges, unlock opportunities, and supercharge Minnesota's economy for the digital age. And with Ai support, your connections don't end when the event does! #UnitedWeTransform | | --- | --- | | Option 2 | Want to participate and drive a conversation rather than listen to panelists and keynote speakers? Connect, collaborate, and build community with other innovators, leaders, and doers. #UnitedWeTransform | | Option 3 | Minnesota has always been a hub of innovation and progress. Ready to be a part of the next big thing? Join me on May 21st to explore what's next for our state and how you can be involved.

Register now:  #UnitedWeTransform | | Option 4 | Tired of sitting back and simply listening to the same old presentations? It's time to step up, connect, and make a difference! Join me on May 21st to drive conversations and be a part of the change in Minnesota. Let's put our state on the map together!

Register now:  #UnitedWeTransform | | Option 5 | Ready to be a part of Minnesota's innovation? On May 21 join us at United We Transform, where movers, shakers, and innovators collide for a morning of hands-on collaboration! Connect with tech gurus, visionary leaders, and funding experts, and lead the discussions that shape our future.

Register now:  #UnitedWeTransform |

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